I honor the wonder of childbirth.

Welcome. You’ve likely found your way here because you are an expectant parent or a new parent. You may have hopes and questions – about birth and labor, about breastfeeding, about life with a baby. You have answers, too; you’ve been doing a lot of research and reading and you want to make sure, at this tender and magnificent time, that you are surrounded by care providers who share your values and vision (even if the vision is a little fuzzy, at times).

I want you to have the exceptionally good care all people deserve.

We may feel right for each other if:

  • You (and your partner, if you have one) want to feel totally supported in birth, either at home or in the hospital
  • You want to successfully breastfeed
  • You want a trusted guide whose experience will complement your own instincts and intuition
  • You want to be empowered by your experience of parenthood
  • You want to welcome your baby with a gentle, soft landing

I believe all people deserve to feel wholly supported.

Integrated Women’s Wellness offers a choice of care:

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